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  1. µNote is an incredibly simple and small program, but the lack of options can make it useful for those who just need a very basic text editor.

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    Primary Sidebar Widget Area

    This is the side panel widget area. You can add content to this area by going to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard. For more info click here. If you want to move this widget there is a handy widget placement guide

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  2. This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Use it at your own risk.

    What’s new

    2014-06-01: Fixed a bug in case of more than 40 extracted strings.2007 First National Bank Heartland Classic

    The 2007 First National Bank Heartland Classic was an Association of Tennis Professionals affiliated with the WTA Tour. The event took place at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri, United States from July 4 through

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  3. However, this is now not a problem since that JPG To WMV Converter Software is free-to-use, so the onus really lays on the developer to make this converter worth at least the $29 price tag attached to it.

    Sound Forge is famous for its ability to tackle the most complex audio editing tasks. The program gives editors complete control over audio samples, making it possible to achieve mixed results in no time. An equally useful tool is the Sound Forge Audio Editor.

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  4. A:

    Another option is to use RegCleaner.

    RegCleaner is a program that finds and deletes a great number of obsolete and useless registry entries that are present on a Windows system. Among other things, it contains a list of unrecognized handles, a list of used libraries and a list of inactive registry values. It can also remove temporary files from the system.


    Tomboy can help, but only for certain relevant entries.

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  5. The PDF to text converter is available for the Windows platforms only.
    Alternatively, you can try the PDF to HTML converter found at the end of this page.


    We strongly recommend you to use our FREE PDF to TEXT Online Converter because it outperforms our converter application in terms of ease of use: just follow the download link and the program will do everything for you!


    Conversion Features


    This is a simple and compact tool

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  6. The application also provides tips on how to simplify registry issues and other problems, and is fitted with a support section so it’s easy to contact if you need help.
    What do you think of iolo System Checkup, brothers? Any other tools you recommend for fixing PC?Q:

    Magento’s Shopping Cart Containers?

    In what area of the site do you find „containers“ that handle specific types of data that lets developers code against individual pieces

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  7. Download link:Visual Basic

    Analysis:In Visual Basic code some memory cleanup code was used. The simple way was to use VS to Unload project, duplicate project into a new project. Disconnect Visual Basic references to the existing project then remove the files. Used with Visual Basic 6.0, and Visual Basic.NET it offers more choices for cleaning up code.

    A feature I wished was, but it’s a MS support kind of question „you

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  8. The screen saver is 1.28 Mb in file size.
    For more Cool Gifts, please see the other software and games sections on this site.

    The Cool Gifts 2.0 by CT101 is a free screen saver for your PC. This amazing screen saver will provide you, the computer user, with an incredible amount of enjoyment. This compatible screen saver’s very fast speed, and slick appearance will amuse you from the very first time you view it. Time takes

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  9. As everyone knows, the units of measurement used by Microsoft Windows for allocating space on a hard disk are in gigabytes (GB). The more space you can get on your hard drive, the faster you can put files and programs on the drive and reduce your waiting time between tasks.

    Many hard drives can hold only a finite amount of storage space, and many people max out the amount the drive can store and then start using their drive as an external storage device—adding flash memory

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  10. Q:

    Name „Main“ not contained in namespace „UI“

    I am receiving the error: „The name ‚Main‘ does not exist in the current context“ on the line „Button main = new Button(this);“ and „this“ refers to the constructor of the class. My class is contained within a separate.cs file. These are my attempted methods of fixing it:
    class MainWindow : Window
    public MainWindow()

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  11. However, you cannot make a random selection among the irregular verbs, switch to a full screen mode, and enjoy the definition or synonyms of each word on the fly. It was developed for a general audience, so that’s the main drawback.

    MkinProMost used software tool

    BitMathMost used software tool

    NKPatcherMost used software tool

    PPAresoftMost used software tool

    TJMDMost used software tool


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  12. No special technical knowledge is required and it can be safely used on all types of existing screens.
    Discordian Calendar is an open-source project, which runs on GitHub. You can download all of the necessary components for free. The project is maintained by Franco Newbey in collaboration with the rest of the Widget Engineering Team. For any questions and comments, you are welcome to engage in the discussion on the dedicated Discordian Calendar webpage.
    There are other similar gadgets on the web, but

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  13. If the date is important enough, you can set them as Desktop Shortcuts. If you wanna get even more out of the computer, you can choose a specific playlist and set it as desktop shortcut. Every playlist you create will be created as a custom main window.

    Indent 1.40 review

    A graphical panel to explore current date, time and elapsed playing time of the current playlist,

    Hello, This is Indent version 1.40.19.

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  14. Use the Change Password Control for protecting the user’s confidential details of clients‘ computers.
    Automatically convert the unwanted applications to the Trusted Applications and protect the clients‘ computers against any further attempts to unauthorize applications.
    View the hardware configuration details of any desktop and monitor the performance status in details.
    Read the registry and local user account details of all users from a single interface.
    Password Recovery tools available for testing in case password of any desktop is lost.
    Install the program

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  15. Overall, we can say that the application is totally easy to use, but the interface can be a little more advanced.
    Who is it for?
    SoundCloud and Youtube Downloader is for users who need to have all the possible audio and video files that they are interested in. The application will help you to download any file from the url and output it via a desired format.

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  17. Needless to say that us IT guys really appreciate the „bonus“ features that they provide and are a
    Recover your device’s MAC address (if it was not found) and find related IPs with the help of this software.
    And of course the most…
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    NetworkActiv Trojan Removal Tool is designed to remove malicious software programs such as Trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, adware and other malware. This tool will also
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  18. Whether you are looking to track your everyday tasks or your goals, it is a tool that can help you achieve them. It is truly remarkable.
    is a program in general for organising your life, but in this review we are looking at how to keep track of your tasks.
    Tasks that can be set up are:
    – Due dates
    – Check items off your list
    – To Do lists and
    – Projects
    You can make lists of tasks in whichever order you prefer,
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  19. Disclaimer – Thoughts and opinions expressed in this blog article are entirely my own and not from any organization.

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    What are the headlines this week?

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    Microsoft Zune HD now comes with a final firmware update.

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    Why are you in a panic? This quick and easy guide to all the best browser add-ons.

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    Is your business missing valuable or emergency legal advice?

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  20. Everything was all hunky dory until Jasper (Jack Russell Terrier) started snoring at night.

    He was a happy-go-lucky chap who loved snuggling up to his human, even snoring through the bursts of air she took in each night, totally unfazed by the heavy snores of his small, little canine family.

    The problem was, just like your average small/nourished mongrel, Jasper whacked his snores out
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  21. Ultimate PC Backup 2018 lets you easily and swiftly manage multiple data backups for every PC, laptop and Mac OS Computer system. It’s an extremely robust software package loaded with extended features that will allow you to look after your Mac Data. This software just takes a Backup of a USB, SDD / USB / SDCARD that is saved onto a 2nd Disk. you can backup multiple account backups viz. Google Apps & Gmail, office 365, Facebook, Yahoo accounts with this Ultimate Mac Data
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  22. Update (04.01.12): We’ve corrected the initial instructions for downloading and installing Space Meter. An update was also successfully released and loaded onto our author’s computer.Schram Breaks Down „Sick Boy“ | Web|Vibe|Poetry

    In the video above, Schram raps about the journey of his life with a thick Amsterdam accent. But above all, his vocals have a smoothness that few other rapping MCs can lay claim to.
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  23. of time. A Hilbert transform can be used in data analysis to split meaningful characteristics of a signal from its frequency components.
    The Hilbert Transform can distort a sine wave by collapsing its amplitudes. However, the effect of this distortion is only approximately 90 degrees, which is generally the maximum value we typically wish to emphasize. Thus we can get a good effect for most purposes.
    Ung Scientific explains the Hilbert Transform in what I call, the „Here Is A Phrase That Guys
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  24. or higherRoxy Music Live

    Roxy Music Live is a live album by the English rock band Roxy Music. It was recorded in various concert venues in Tokyo in January 1975. The album was issued in 1988 and peaked at #10 in the UK Albums Chart.

    Album information
    Originally entitled Roxy Music Live from the Tokyo Brixton, this live album was originally released in Japan only, on the Columbia label. It was then released in the UK and other European
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  25. Feel free to download it free of charge from Softpedia.

    Here is an interesting tool which might be useful for virus scanners. WeakViruses is a fast real-time universal virus scanner for detecting and removing weak virus infections and boot record Trojans as well as a wide range of other types of computer threats. WeakViruses is useful for detecting and removing weak virus infections and boot record Trojans as well as a wide range of other types of computer threats such as the
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  26. SQUIRL – Field Day Logger is the essence of simplicity at one’s fingertips! There are no bandwidth limitations and no constraint on entries.

    This is the Field Day Logger that will work for you. SQUIRL – Field Day Logger is just what you need for quick and efficient logging for the most important day of the year in Amateur Radio. And why is it named SQUIRL? S-Qui-R-L stands for Simple-
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  27. appears and disappears gradually
    ■ We love to receive your feedback! [email protected]A fuel injection system of an internal combustion engine ensures that a specific quantity of fuel per combustion cycle is metered as a result of a precise actuation of a fuel injector, where the actuation may be variably adapted to the operating conditions in order to comply with the required engine performance depending on the load. As is generally known, an actuating device of a fuel injector
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  28. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any idea what doesn’t work. If you find a configuration flaw or beautiful feature I would love to hear from you.
    See ReadMe.rst for instructions to install and customize the executable.
    To run it from the command prompt, just type If you want to edit the config file, edit it in a text editor of your choice, and then type: —
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  29. As long as the models, textures, and shader are configured properly, nothing here can’t happen. This article will explore this use of 3D map segments and how to implement them in SBS.

    Step 1 – Creating Your World From Scratch

    The first step to any map creation is to think about your levels. There are three main time frames that the level editor will use, during map creation, during level creation, and during map rendering.

    During map creation: During
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  30. However, it has the ability to create some tools that can extend the operating system selection menu.
    The application can create a panel with multi-boot tools; just launch it, and the tools will appear on the screen. By clicking on them, they will be displayed in the main menu.
    Drawback of this feature is that you need to manually create each of them.

    The Freeware

    1.Ai XP Boot Manager – Free OS Resource

    Ai XP Boot
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  31. For the first time that the list of tracks is quite large.

    2010-04-01 – I have no plugin updates available.

    2009-10-22 – I have no plugin updates available.

    2007-10-29 – I have no plugin updates available. I have switched package repositories to the faster new external repository. I’ve added support for free/openhosting, sdlmad, and the Zen plugin. But there still no support for the CL. When
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  32. All tools are disabled by default, but you can re-enable them later by deselecting them one by one.
    You can use this tool for more than just disabling a few Windows utilities. It will also allow you to securely disable all tools located in specific folders, so you can free up space on removable drives and CDs.
    This app is available in Portable version, so it can remain installed on multiple computers.

    You can easily transfer the photos from your old camera or phone to
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  33. However, it is definitely not an ideal solution for those looking to design templates and layouts in a professional context. It can be previewed online at MyFonts website.
    MyFonts Pricing: Free, latest version: $7.75, one year premium, free updates: $79.25.Pattern of occurrence of biliary tract cancer and its relationship to hepatitis B.
    To define the pattern of occurrence of biliary tract cancers. G.B. Pant Hospital (Deemed
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  34. The first attempt to model a domain specific language attached to a solver uses an abductive program slicing approach. It is based on an incremental refinements technique that requires in the first step a concrete computation on the input program in order to concentrate partially the set of possible programs for subsequent determinations on the slices (a new set of programs is considered) and finally on the set of potentially possible ground rules to generate.
    In the research field of cognitive sciences and specifically of the clingo application, the
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  35. – Format a floppy into a Boot CD.

    —– Extra information
    Disc Clone has two main purposes:
    1) A diagnostic/reference tool. An assistant to a floppy drive.
    2) A floppy full image saving program which can also be used as a floppy image duplication tool.

    Recent changes:
    1) Cannot run a second instance of the program in the background.
    2) Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8 makes not ordering user’s permission easier. Just
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  36. TextBatch Features

    Very user-friendly: You just use TextBatch by Clicking
    Very Easy to Learn: you can learn the pattern in less than a minute
    Easy Operation: No File Management is required to edit
    Very Friendly User Interface: You will see the result in real time
    Very easy to add new function: No more coding is needed


    1. Stéphane Coulouharès, David Marguin, Bla
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    NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Big changes are coming to an upstate New York brothel. The New York State Sex Offender Registry Commission voted Wednesday to expand the boundaries from well-known adult entertainment districts to include Hempstead and Southampton Town.

    The decision to widen the scope of registrants affects 1,600 convicted sex offenders.

    A spokesperson for the commission said the expansion would take place on the next time the state examines the sex offender registry
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  38. A free application that allows you to connect your phone to your PC, so that you can copy files directly from your phone to the PC, receiving them where you want without ever having to enter through your mobile phone. The company behind the software was inspired by the vast majority of users who have to transfer files between their computer and mobile phone having to use either a USB cable, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or a 3G connection. On the app you can download all the contents using your mobile
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  41. which can be saved as presets for a subsequent reconstruction.
    Of course, the most effective results are obtained by the combination of Wavy Lab and Mechanic or Extended Anatomical Lab feature.


    The Wavy Lab feature is fully compatible with the Automorph Shape Editing „Mechanic“ module.
    It is not possible to apply a Wavy Lab effect to an imaginary figure; however, the compound
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  42. . Once selected, this option cannot be changed.
    ■ Unlimited numbers of photos in an album. Once selected, this option cannot be changed.
    ■ Watermark cannot be changed.
    ■ Slide show can be shown in a external browser only.
    ■ Limited transitions. Options listed are „None“, „Flip“, „Fade“, „Bounce“ and „Clip“.
    ■ File dimensions are limited to 256 KB.
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  43. DegreeCentral School of Digital Arts and Sciences presents its production at this year’s RIO+20 conference to demonstrate holograms’ use in cognitive, cultural and societal studies.



    Latest posts

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    This year’s RIO+20 (Rio+20) conference takes place on the 21st of February at the Wiess Ecological Campus. The contemporary minds from
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  46. Nevertheless, this tool comes with standard set of configuration options, which allows you to set compression rate values and the output quality. From those context menus, you can save the resized image to your hard disk or email it.
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